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Existing Website Takeovers

Including Unfinished Projects

Half-built website left by your web agency? We've got your back!

We at Webbed Feet specialise in finishing websites that have been left unfinished by other web developers.

We know what it's like when you hire someone to build your website and then they disappear after a few weeks, leaving you with nothing but an empty promise. We're here to make things right again by providing top-quality services at fair prices.

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Our mission is to build relationships with clients who've had a sour taste left in their mouths and restore their faith in our industry.

If this sounds like something you've been looking for, then look no further!

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Left in the lurch by your developer?

Don’t worry, this happens more often than you’d think.

Unfortunately, the web industry does not require any formal qualifications, hence, there are many underqualified and inexperienced web developers around. It may be difficult to tell the good from the bad.

It is common for inexperienced developers to naively take on projects and then realise that the complexity is beyond their expertise.

We have seen many clients turning to us with half-finished website projects abandoned by their agencies or freelancers.

Another scenario is when the website has been fully developed but does not function properly, has security concerns, or doesn’t perform as expected.

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We're here to finish what other web developers have left undone.

When you’re left with a half-finished website, you may struggle to find another web agency that is willing to take on the job. This is because coding is like writing a book, every developer has their own unique style. It requires a great deal of work and expertise to overtake an existing web development project and many web agencies may be reluctant to do it.

We at Webbed Feet love a challenge though! We have a team of experts with decades of experience and expertise under their belt. We can take care of everything from design and development to digital marketing.

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How can we help?

Once we have access to your website, we can look to see what has and has not been completed and what can be salvaged. Then we can provide estimates on getting it to where you want.

If it’s more financially feasible to start your website again from scratch, we will tell you.

Whether you just need a few tweaks to improve functionality or it’s a complex website to finish, chances are we can help.

Whether the project is built in open-source systems (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Umbraco, etc.), frameworks (e.g Laravel, Vue, etc.) or is entirely custom-made, we will aim to find the best solution understanding your needs and your budget.

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Why trust us?

We understand that is hard to trust again if you have already been let down by someone else. Hence, we are as straightforward and transparent as possible from the beginning.

  • We will not charge you to take an initial look and offer some advice.
  • We also try to avoid industry jargon in our communication as much as possible. We will explain everything in plain English and never push for sales.
  • We can work with you on a pay-as-you-go basis without any commitment for future work.

What if your website works well, but you need a new developer?

There may be nothing wrong with your website, but you wouldn’t like to stay with your current web agency for whatever reason.

You may want to improve your website, but you’re no longer in touch with the original developer.

Don’t worry, we also take over fully finished and running websites.

Whether you would like to add more functionality to your website, optimise it for search engines, improve its online visibility or just need someone to do its technical maintenance, just give us a shout.

If you need any help with your existing website or want someone to finish off what another developer hasn't, then contact us today at [email protected] or give us a call on 01722 346400!

Get your project back on track.