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The Mobile Internet Explained

People are spending more time on their mobile phones and tablets than ever before. In fact, it is commonly predicted that this year mobile internet should overtake desktop internet usage. Already, a half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices.

What will this mean? Well for the majority, it means that from 2014, if someone is looking at your website, there will be a greater chance that they’ll be on a mobile phone or tablet rather than their desktop PC.

So, what does your website look like on your mobile phone? The chances are it will work to a certain degree, but will be difficult to view as users will need to keep zooming in, scrolling around, and zooming out. Also you may find that menus, maps and videos may not work. In some instances, the website may not work at all.

So what is the solution? Usually to have a responsive design that changes shape as the screen size reduces, or a specific mobile version that is optimised for slower mobile connections and smaller screens.

A solution can usually be retro-fitted to an existing website, meaning that just from a few hundred pounds, you can ensure that by the end of the year you’re not throwing away half of your potential customers; a fantastic  investment.

If you would like us to see whether your websites works on mobile devices, or if you’d like an indication of what it would cost, then please contact us at or 01722 346400.

Global Mobile vs Desktop Internet User Projection 2007-2015

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