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Barker Son & Isherwood

A mobile friendly website for Andover solicitors

Barker Son & Isherwood

Andover solicitors

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Webbed Feet has redesigned Barker Son & Isherwood's website from the ground up. BS&I is a legal practice with specialist solicitors based in Andover, Wiltshire.

BS&I's previous website's appearance was outdated, and so was the information it contained. Additionally, the site was difficult to update and so it had been somewhat neglected. The navigation was not seamless either, and these factors had all had an adverse effect on the website's effectiveness.

Our Solution

The first issue we addressed was the design. To bring the website in line with the latest trends, we created a new layout. We aimed to create a contemporary style that utilised BS&I's brand colours. In addition to this, we paid special attention to the typography to ensure that it was easy to read and not cluttered. This is very important on a text-heavy website.

Overall, the new web design successfully conveys the high-quality service offered by BS&I. Of course, the design is also responsive and mobile-friendly.

Website design before
Website design after

The navigation was designed to assist the audience to find the information they need. On the home page, we divided the services into two segments (services for business and services for the public) and the users are encouraged to visit the relevant section to their needs.

Each of the service pages has one or more assigned solicitors to contact for more information. This gives a personal touch as well as prevents prospective clients from calling the wrong department.

We implemented a customised content management system. This allows BS&I to easily update their website content, thus enabling them to keep the information current.

We also implemented a bespoke blog system. BS&I's previous system only displayed third-party news articles from various sources. This was not beneficial from an SEO perspective, as the same third-party articles could be displayed by multiple different websites. If the search engines detect unoriginal content on a website, they tend to rank it lower in their search results.

Using our custom blog system, BS&I's news articles are now custom written by the company itself. This does not only score some SEO brownie points with Google for the unique content but also makes the articles more personal for the reader. Any personal touch ultimately helps the company build rapport with its clients and prospects.

If you'd like to hear more about our CMS or are looking for a bespoke website for your solicitors or legal firm, then contact Webbed Feet.

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