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International boat classifieds

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Brief first contacted us in 2006 to develop an international classified website for boats and yachts. Since then, we have been constantly improving their search engine rankings. During an initial investigation, we found several issues affecting the site' SEO. We developed a strategy to boost the SEO performance of the website and thus generate more traffic.

Initial Strategies

Following our investigation, we found 3 key areas that needed to be improved; navigation, optimisation and submission.

We updated the boat listing pages to make it easier for users and search engines to find the content they need. To complement this, we arranged the boats into categories, making it easy to refine the results. For example, now you can view only "sailboats" or "powerboats". Finally, we added sitemaps to make navigation easier for both users and search engines.

The next step was to improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) of the various pages. We developed a keyword strategy for each individual page accordingly. Additionally, we also provided training to help ensure their future content is optimised for SEO.


As a direct result of our work saw a dramatic increase in traffic.As a direct result of our work, saw a dramatic increase in traffic. Because of this, we were commissioned to produce a brand new bespoke classified system. The classified website system was designed from the ground up, to make boat management easier for both the team and the end-users. We coupled this with a contemporary layout to bring the site up to date visually.

Over the years working with we've built a strong relationship with the team. We continue to improve various aspects of the website and its SEO. We've been told by BoatMatch that they wouldn't still be trading if it wasn't for the work we've done.

More recently, we've given the website a further facelift and we are about to begin work on making the website responsive. This will hugely improve its usability on mobile devices.

Home page design
Home page
Boat Page design
Boat Page
Responsive Design design
Responsive Design

The business model relies to a very high degree on our web presence. Webbed Feet have consistently performed in improving and maintaining our SEO by well researched, effective and legitimate methods.
Simon Walworth, Boatmatch