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Danny's Craft Bar

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Danny's Craft Bar

Craft Bar and Kitchen

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The original Danny's Craft bar website – whilst looking decent from a design perspective – did not have enough content to be an effective contender for the local competition. The website did not rank particularly well in Google.

Our Solution

To make the website more effective, we first rebuilt the site from the ground up around our bespoke CMS system. This allows the staff at Danny's to keep the site up-to-date themselves. The new site has many more pages of useful and relevant information. We kept within the spirit of the original design and used that to inspire the design of the new pages. The new website is now responsive and mobile friendly. Making the site mobile friendly is crucial given the type of audience that the website is expected to attract.

One of the most important pieces of information that users want to know are the opening times, so we added today's opening time right on the home-page with a link to view all other days.

The re-structure of the site with better content has led to much more effective search engine results. The Danny's Craft Bar website is now on the first page of Google for most of their key search terms. 

If you are interested in a mobile friendly website built around our custom CMS, then get in touch!

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