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Eastleigh Railway

Custom eCommerce for the popular attraction in Eastleigh

Eastleigh Railway

Miniature locomotives

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Their previous website locked them into using a particularly expensive ticketing system; they wanted to reduce the ongoing costs of selling tickets. The website was also outdated and needed to be designed with a bright, family friendly design that was easy to use.

Our Solution

Quickly paid for itself in saved costsWe created a custom eCommerce system which included a new ticketing system, and we helped them to choose the payment system that was the most cost effective. This has quickly paid for itself in saved costs and over the next few years it will save them a considerable proportion of the ticket costs.

Our custom eCommerce system allows them to quickly add new blocks of tickets and manage their sales. Tickets can be exported in a format compatible with their ticket printer ensuring that their process is streamlined.

Website design before
Website design after

The website design, as well as looking great, makes navigating the site easy and the home page shows the most important updates and events. Our Content Management System (CMS) allows them to easily edit pages and add new products to their shop.

Home page design
Home page
Day Planner design
Day Planner
Responsive Design design
Responsive Design