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Matt and Jill Hughes offer professional English and maths tuition to primary and secondary school children through their Kip McGrath education centre. Webbed FeetUK have designed a new professional website with a custom visual design, built with their needs in mind.

As a Kip McGrath franchisee, Matt and Jill have a page on the main Kip McGrath website that contains basic information about their services. Unfortunately, this single page did not offer everything they needed and was failing in it's main purpose: encouraging the audience to book free assessments.

Matt and Jill wished to have a professional website that offered a more personal approach with the end-goal of increasing enquiries.

Our Solution

When building the new website, we had to balance the two needs of giving the site a unique look, whilst also keeping close to the Kip McGrath brand style. We achieved this by keeping to the Kip McGrath brand, while keeping to a clear layout with a modern appearance.

Website design before
Website design after

The most important thing on any website is that the contact details are easy to find. A business website's primary purpose is to encourage users to contact the owner with a sales enquiry. Each page contains a clear call to action, so the audience is always prompted to contact them and can easily do so with the details on hand. To further aid in this endeavour, we added clear contact details to the top of every page (the header), and included a call to action that encourages the audience to book a free assessment.

To assist users to find the information they need, the website navigation is clear and usable with links to the main pages split in to three boxes on the home-page.

Our news system and newsletters have led to a consistent increase in page-viewsThe addition of a news section to the website allows Matt and Jill to publish articles relevant to education. This is not only handy to keep the audience informed of the latest news, but assists in keeping the site's search engine ranking high. The news articles are also sent out as an email newsletter that drwas more visitors to the website and has led to a consistent increase in page-views.

Matt and Jill now receive regular enquiries from the website.

If you are interested in professional web design for your business, or you'd like to hear more about our easy-to-use CMS, then contact Webbed FeetUK.

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