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Mayfair Stationers

Mayfair Stationers

Stationery store in Magento

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When we took over the Mayfair Stationers webshop, there were various issues that needed to be addressed.

One of the major issues we had to focus on was the server performance, as load times were very high. We also needed to address the problems regarding the technical search engine optimisation and the problematic user experience on the website.

The "cart" and "checkout" pages had the highest load times, which was actively discouraging potential customers from finishing the checkout process.

Because the site has a large number of products and multiple category levels, this made a big strain on server performance.

To address this, we moved the website to a dedicated SSD cloud server, implemented the webserver Nginx and moved it to the latest version of PHP.

Through these changes, we managed to reduce the load time of the "checkout" and "cart" pages from around 15 to 2 seconds.

The second main issue we addressed was the on-site search engine optimisation. We went through the site, making sure everything was properly canonicalised, the meta tags on pages were unique and the site was being properly indexed.

 We continue to carry out ongoing work on the website's user experience and overall performance.