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Trade Request

A vehicle classifieds website for traders

Trade Request

Vehicle trading website

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We have been working with Focus Publishing for many years now, and have worked with them on a number of large classified websites. In 2011 they approached us to develop a new website to help commercial vehicle dealers find vehicles for their clients, this website would sit along side the other vehicle related classified websites we'd already developed, but not be accessible to the general public.

Initial Strategies

We built the new website from the ground up, creating a new, corporate  design to inspire confidence. We developed a comprehensive back end system to help staff manage the website.

The bespoke development of the site means staff at Focus Publishing can manage the commercial dealer accounts, as well as their quotas and their individual vehicles. They can also send out emails to the dealers, or subsections of the dealers.

Dealers can perform comprehensive search on all the vehicles on the websites, and can set up and manage notifications so that they know when a new vehicle is added to one of the public websites.


Because the majority of ths niche website is isn't open to the public, the site doesn't get vast amounts of traffic, but sees a huge amount of repeat visitors and is a vital resource for the industry.

We have driven these returning users by creating an easy to use design with a powerful search system and by building trust by only allowing hand selected commercial vehicle dealers to use the website.

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