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What No Safety

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What No Safety Services offer health and safety consultancy act as advisors to protect your business, your staff and your reputation with a range of services.

What No Safety Services have been client ours for the best part of a decade. It was now time to revamp the websites look, apply a new infrastructure, bring the website design into the 21st century.

Website design before
Website design after

The objective

Not only was the current website's design dated, the business itself has changed over time and will continue to evolve to its clients needs. There is a much larger focus on courses, both bespoke structured courses online and in a classroom.

The solution

'Horris' the character in the What No Safety logo was the base for the new website design. The use of illustrative imagery throughout the website ties in the brand and helps to give meaning to the content on each page whilst taking a different approach to their competitors. The strap-line 'Don't find us by accident' works well as a prominent call to action on every page to remind users why they are here in the first place. To protect their business and its staff.

The new website features a training system where users can book online. They can book both e-learning and classroom courses. All aspects of the website can be easily updated with our CMS (Content Management System) which is powered by Laravel a modern web application framework. The website is now fully mobile responsive working well across the many ever changing screens we face today.

If you are looking for a health and safety website or any website for that matter, please get in touch by contacting us today.