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Expert Laravel developers

Our seasoned Laravel developers are here to assist you whether you're looking for a brand-new website or seeking support for an existing one.

If you have a website that needs a high level of customisation or to be built to your specific needs then it’s ideal. Laravel is a great framework for developing websites, it’s powerful and offers powerful features that really speed up website development which reduces costs.

We’ve been using Laravel since version 3, way back in 2012. Not only have we built our own CMS and websites on Laravel, we also specialise in taking on existing websites built in Laravel by other developers.

Have a website built in Laravel?


Laravel is a popular PHP framework, for good reason, but it requires more skilled programmers to get the most out of it and to write reliable code. At Webbed Feet, all our developers are well-versed in Laravel, ensuring you get the most out of it.

We provide support and maintenance services for Laravel websites, tackling everything from code improvement to bug fixes and new features.

Our process for moving Laravel websites

Evaluation of existing Laravel code
Set up of new server optimised for Laravel (if required)
Moving existing Laravel website to new hosting (if required)
Upgrade of Laravel framework to improve security and reliability (if required)
Adding new features to Laravel website

In our experience, many Laravel sites have outdated or insecure code. We can efficiently update the code to run on the latest version of Laravel, to ensure security and longevity. As early Laravel adopters, we're familiar with potential update issues and can handle the process efficiently.

You also need to look to the future and improve your existing website. We can help you scope, design and develop new features and improvements to make it even more successful.

We’re happy to take a look over your website and code and help you move your website forward.

Why develop a website in Laravel?

We chose Laravel to develop our own CMS and most of our custom web development projects. Laravel has proved to be a powerful and reliable framework that has allowed us to focus on creating incredible websites and complex applications. It’s proved to be effective over the long term as its modular design allows new features to easily be added with existing code and updating is straightforward.

There are many benefits to using Laravel to develop more complex websites, here’s just a few of the business reasons:

  • Laravel offers a lot of useful and well tested features that speed up development and reduce development time (and costs)
  • Full control over the website, you won’t be constrained by the limits of systems like WordPress
  • Laravel can easily be linked with other APIs and systems like CRMs
  • Laravel is developed with website security in mind
  • Laravel is fast and less bloated than many other web and PHP frameworks
  • It’s very powerful, and if it needs extra capabilities we can code these in
  • Laravel has a history of constant development to avoid becoming obsolete
  • Laravel is superceding older PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Codeigniter and Zend
  • Laravel is open source, this means it’s free to use and extend so you are not reliant on 3rd parties

Laravel Filament development

Filament is a content management framework for Laravel. This allows us to quickly build easy to use admin areas for complex websites. It streamlines the development process, saving you time and money while delivering a state of the art website that is simple for you to run.

A professional Laravel development agency

As a well established Laravel development agency we’re confident that Laravel is capable of developing even the most demanding of websites, and performing well for years to come.