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Technical web development services

Webbed Feet are experts at crafting complex, customised web solutions.

Our web development services stand out because of our deep technical expertise and experience in creating complex, tailor-made websites.

We specialise in developing advanced web solutions that go beyond the capabilities of off-the-shelf systems, offering a level of customization and functionality specifically for your business needs.

Our web development strengths


Skilled Team

Our team comprises highly skilled developers proficient in PHP, Laravel, Filament, Zend and numerous other languages and frameworks.


Custom Development

Utilising PHP and frameworks like Laravel, we build websites from the ground up, tailored to your needs and audience.


Complex Backend Solutions

Our expertise in coding and server management helps us develop robust and scalable backend solutions.


API Integration and Development

We specialise in integrating third-party APIs and developing custom APIs to enhance the functionality of your website. Streamline your business by letting your website speak directly to external systems like CRMs, ERPs, accounting packages and more.


Custom E-commerce Solutions

For businesses requiring non-standard e-commerce capabilities, we develop custom solutions that offer more flexibility and features than off-the-shelf e-commerce platforms.


Members areas

We can help you build a members area for your website that allows them to interact with your company, for example attending events or editing their account details. All of which can be seamlessly integrated with your internal CRM reducing your office workload.


Tailored Content Management Systems

Sometimes off-the-shelf CMS systems can’t meet your needs, so we also create custom CMS solutions, designed specifically to meet unique content management needs and workflows.