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Legacy Website Support Service

Preserve and enhance your online presence and avoid technical debt traps.

In the rapidly evolving digital world, keeping legacy systems up and running can be a challenging task. Our legacy support services are specifically designed to help you manage and maintain older versions of websites and applications.

Whatever system your website is built in we can help it to continue to operate smoothly and securely.

Preserving your legacy website

We recognise the value of your existing website, our legacy support services are designed to keep your website running whatever it is running on.

Our legacy website support services include

  • Support for Older CMS Versions - We specialise in providing support for older versions of content management systems like Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla. We understand that upgrading to the latest version isn't always feasible and we have solutions to keep your existing system running.
  • Maintenance for Custom PHP Websites - Custom PHP websites (on any framework) and .net/Umbraco, especially those built to run on older infrastructure, require expert care to remain operational. Our team has extensive experience in maintaining and troubleshooting older websites to ensure they continue to serve your business needs effectively.
  • Website Improvement - We can modify the theme or functionality of your website to bring it up to modern standards.
  • Refactoring Old Code Bases - We can refactor outdated code bases to modern standards. Refactoring can breathe new life into your legacy systems by making them more maintainable and scalable.
  • Security Enhancements - Legacy website systems often pose significant security risks. We can take steps to minimise the risk of running older, vulnerable CMSs.
  • Performance Optimisation - Older websites and applications can suffer from performance issues. Our team will optimise your website, improving load times and overall user experience.
  • Site Audits - If you want to know your options we can audit your website, to see what it needs and how easy it will be to update, support or migrate.

Why choose our legacy support services?

Legacy systems expertise

We have a deep understanding of various legacy systems and the unique challenges they present. Our team are very technical, and most have 1-2 decades of experience so are familiar with many older website systems.

Customised solutions

Our approach is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your legacy system, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Cost-effective maintenance

We provide cost-effective solutions to maintain and enhance your legacy systems without the need for complete redevelopment.