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Website troubles? We've got you covered

  • Has your website been hacked?
  • Is your website showing errors or looking broken?
  • Has part of your website stopped working?
  • Is your website running slowly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Webbed Feet specialise in getting websites up and running 100%. We know you’ll want to recover your website as quickly as possible to minimise damage to your reputation and SEO, and we always prioritise website recoveries.

Recovering a broken website

It’s common for hosts to update the software on their servers to the latest version, often with little notice. If you’ve got an older website, perhaps one custom coded in PHP, or your website uses an old version of a CMS like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal then newer versions of PHP will often break your website.

Every website is unique, and we can take a look to decide how best to fix your website. Sometimes recovering your website is as simple as installing the latest CMS updates. In other cases we can look to recover your website by replacing older, incompatible code. And if all else fails we can look at creating a unique website hosting package that matches your old system and migrate your website to that.

Recover a hacked website


If your website has been hacked then you’ll need to quickly get it up and running and secure it against future attacks. Customers and Google will both start avoiding your website if it looks like it’s been hacked.

We’ve taken on many clients, especially with WordPress sites, that have been hacked. We can restore your website to how it was, sanitise it and protect it against future attacks with our support packages.

Finish an unfinished website

It’s sadly not uncommon for web designers to bite off more than they can chew, especially when it comes to creating complex websites. Our team are very strong technically, and many times we’ve been able to take on a half finished website to the clients original specs.

If you’ve got a website that is stuck in development, or which doesn’t have the features you want, then get in touch. We can finish your website to your original specs.

Fix a glitchy website

  • Parts of your website not working
  • Broken images on your website?
  • Is the text on your website misplaced, corrupted or obscured?
  • Are there broken links that no longer work?
  • Does your website not work properly on mobiles?

These, and many other glitches, are common on websites, especially ones that have been running for years. Browsers, software and plugins change how they work over time which can lead to glitches.

We can make sure your website gives the best possible impression.

Fix a slow website

No one likes a slow website, Google will penalise you and you’ll lose more customers the slower your website is. We can help you speed up your website.

The main cause of slow websites is slow web hosting, we can move you to a faster, dedicated host. This is often a quick way to really speed up your website

The other main cause of slow websites is bloat or a slow CMS. Wordpress sites, for example, slow down noticeably as they expand. We can help you strip off unnecessary bloat, and optimise what is left.