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Meet the team

A little bit about us

Aaron Whiffin


Aaron Whiffin, Webbed Feet

Aaron started making commercial websites back in 1997 so that he could support himself through his degree in Mathematics & Computing at The University of Bath.

In 2001, after his graduation, Aaron setup Webbed Feet with the main aim of helping small businesses 'get their feet for the web', but was making more advanced sites within just a couple of months. In 2010 Webbed Feet had expanded enough for Aaron to stop developing websites, and start focusing on running the business.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife, Monika, and kids Maximus and Isla, walking Flipper and Bones, flying his aeroplane and tinkering with his motorbike.

Alex Hopson


Alex Hopson, Webbed Feet

Alex made his first website back in 1997 when the web was still in its infancy. Throughout his time studying at university he worked on the website for Trade Aid, a local charity, and shortly after completing his course he joined Aaron.

Since his first work on the web Alex has always been keen to keep up to date with the latest trends and capabilities of web browsers, trying to make sure that every site he works on makes the web more beautiful and easy to use. He created the CMS system Webbed Feet uses and continues to iterate it and tailor it to each client.

Alex caught the travel bug while spending his gap year teaching in Tanzania, and since then has travelled to Timbuktu, cycled across the Andes and trekked in Ethiopia to mention just a few places. When relaxing in this country he enjoys making things, most recently an automated photo booth for Aaron’s wedding or photography out and about in the local surroundings.

Andy Payne

Web Developer

Andy Payne, Webbed Feet

Having begun working for Webbed Feet in 2007, Andy is the longest serving worker for the company and has seen it develop into the thriving business it is today.

Specialising in PHP development, he also has extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL and client side scripting.

Andy has experience working on small-scale web sites for local businesses, as well as large classifieds web sites with millions of page impressions per month, and international audiences.

In his spare time Andy regularly reads, plays golf (albeit badly) and keeps fit.

Dan Powell

Graphic & Web Designer

Dan Powell, Webbed Feet

Dan graduated from the Arts University College Bournemouth in 2010 with a first-class honours BA in Digital Media Production. From there he initially setup his own small digital design agency and now works for Webbed Feet.

Dan is experienced in many different areas of design; print, user-interfaces, new media and photography. Dan designs the majority of our websites and works closely with clients to guide them through the development process. He also makes a banging cup of tea.

Having always had a passion for technology and design, Dan loves to combine the two whenever possible. Much of his time is spent behind some kind of screen, painting, drawing or tinkering with newfangled gadgetry. Ideally all at once.

Paul Langton

Creative Web Designer

Paul Langton, Webbed Feet

Paul graduated from University of Derby with a Graphic Desin degree in 2002. He has always had a passion for all things design and loves taking his ideas to the next level.

In his spare time Paul loves to go out and explore the wilderness with his camera, throw himself out of aeroplanes, develop his skills, travel and find new places to eat out.

Stu Goodman

Web Developer & DevOps

Stuart Goodman, Webbed Feet

Joining Webbed Feet in the spring of 2013 after studying Computer Science at Bournemouth University, Stu works on development and infrastructure.

His coding skills include PHP, JavaScript, Bash and SQL. Stu likes to keep up with the latest development methods and server infrastructure tools.

Outside of work, Stu is an avid gamer and technophile, with his interests including current affairs, Formula 1 and socialising with his friends.

Tom Green

Web Developer

Tom Green, Webbed Feet

Tom first started writing code back in 2008, starting with C & Python, eventually his interests migrated towards more web focused languages.

In October 2010 Tom began working with Webbed Feet, originally doing a little bit of everything. He's now mainly working on our core codebase and maintaining the security and stability of our server infrastructure.

When he's not working he enjoys working on a variety of side projects, learning new technologies and watching a good horror movie.

Viki Nagy

Digital Marketer

Viki Nagy, Webbed Feet

Viki first fell in love with digital marketing during her internship at a buzz marketing agency while studying Communication and Media Science in Budapest.

Following that, she completed a BA (Hons) in Marketing with Advertising Management at Solent University in 2020. She graduated with first-class honours and received the Professor Derek Holder Prize for the best dissertation in the field of digital marketing.

Viki has a passion for data-led creativity; she loves bringing insight and creative magic together.

Viki is a keen learner; she is currently studying for an MSc in Digital Marketing at the University of Southampton. In her free time, she loves exploring new places both locally and internationally. She’s also a foodie. She considers food a hobby, and the matter is not open to debate.

Gareth Robertson

Graphic Designer

Gareth Robertson, Webbed Feet

Gareth is our design support and helps ease some of the workload on our developer team during busy periods. He is degree educated in Graphic Design, securing a 2:1 from Staffordshire University in Stoke on Trent in 2005.

Gareth grew up just north of Birmingham and moved to Salisbury in 2020. His design career spans a wide variety of industries and market sectors and has been focused mainly on design for brand and design for print.

His design style is very typographic and illustrative and has worked with some household name brands such as Frosty Jacks Cider, Cesar, Sheba, Whiskas, Pedigree Chum, Mars Bars, Maltesers and Bounty during his career.

A keen rugby player in his younger years, he also enjoys mountain walking and has successfully completed the Three Peaks Challenge. Now Gareth enjoys spending time with his family, walking the dog.


Chief Security Officer

Flipper, Webbed Feet

Flipper, although not officially on the payroll, has been a valued member of the team since 2013.

Flipper's main roles include office security, left over sandwich disposal and keeping the close eye on the team in between naps.

In her spare time she likes to let her hair down and enjoys fitness, specifically ball games and walks in the New Forest.


Security Assistant

Bones, Webbed Feet

Bones is the newest member of the team, joining us in 2024.

She is partnering with Flipper, and enjoys barking at the postman, eating anything she sees and weeing on the carpet.

Her hobbies include playing ball games, having days out, and chasing Flipper.