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Email Marketing

Deliver your message the modern way

Email marketing is the evolution of postal marketing; it’s far more cost effective and has easy to measure results.

Send your existing and potential customers regular updates about your business, industry or latest offers. Easily and instantly contact thousands of recipients for a fraction of the cost of postage; gone are the days of licking thousands of stamps.

Most importantly, you can accurately track which recipients received, read or clicked on your emails, meaning that you can easily see how efficient each newsletter was, and which services each recipient is interested in.

Monitoring your marketing

Built in statistics on our email system allow you to analyse what sections of the email interest people and even let you split a mailshot across several different styles, each of which can be compared to the others to find the most effective way to reach your contacts.

Our systems allow your contacts to easily unsubscribe, ensuring you are operating legally, and each message can be tailored to your own company and brand.

It is usually easier to sell a product or service to an existing customer rather than finding a new one, so take advantage of this, and use email marketing to deliver your message the modern way.