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Migrating your website

Thinking about migrating your website? Whether it's due to sluggish performance, frequent crashes, or you just want a change from your current web developer, we've got your back.

We ensure a swift and hassle-free migration process, taking care of all the technical details and liaising directly with your existing hosting or web developer.

And once we’ve moved it, we can maintain and upgrade your website for you going forward.

Move your website to better hosting

We offer fast, secure and reliable website hosting with the option for you to have full control as the primary account holder. If you have a specific web host you want to use, we're happy to use them. We configure the web hosting to your website’s specific needs.

Once we’ve moved your website to the new host your website will be running faster and more reliably.

WordPress migrations


We specialise in migrating WordPress websites to newer, faster hosting. WordPress websites are normally straightforward to move, and it’s a great opportunity to make sure everything is up-to-date and secure. We can also run a security audit on your website and fix any issues.

Our web hosting is specifically optimised for WordPress. It can easily be scaled to deal with surges in traffic without having to move it again.

Move away from your current web developer

We know how stressful it can be moving your website can be. We’re here to make it as painless as possible and can deal directly with your current web developer. Even if your current web developer is trying to hold you hostage, there may still be ways we can help move your site.

Whether your relationship with your web developer has soured or you're seeking a more cooperative partnership, we've successfully helped many clients navigate moving their website.

We also understand it can be hard to trust web developers again if you’ve been badly stung. This is why we are happy to help you set up the hosting account in your name, so you are in full control of your website and hosting.

We’re always happy to have an informal, confidential chat with you to help give you some options to move your website forward, we don’t charge for this so get in touch.


Does your website speed feel like its crawling along?

Shared hosting and over-utilisation is major cause.

Upgrading your website

If your website is due for an upgrade, a migration presents a perfect, and cost-effective, opportunity. We seamlessly combine the migration process with a full update to the latest version of your CMS.

We can also make any changes to the website you’ve been putting off so that after the move it’s even better than it was to start with.

Ready for a seamless website upgrade?

Whether it's optimising speed, ensuring reliable hosting, or making a smooth transition from your current web developer, we've got the expertise to look after your website.