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Are you tied in to your web designer?

Published on Tuesday, December 23rd 2014 by Aaron Whiffin

Recently a lot of our projects haven’t been new website builds, but improvements on ones built by someone else.

The story is fairly typical; our clients had a website built a few years ago and it hasn’t been working as well as they’d expected. Their current web designers have been slow or hard to work with, but they don’t want to start with a brand new website, and so feel lost because they could be tied in to their current agency.

Does that sound familiar?

Well not to worry, although there are a small number of web designers who tie people in with contracts, the vast majority don’t, not even the bad ones. They’re not always the easiest to work with because they’re losing a client, but so far we’ve always managed to help.

Another worry is that often the website has been built on an obscure platform, or perhaps using custom code, and most web designers won’t touch it. Again this usually isn’t an issue for us, our developers are very ‘techie’ and have worked with many off the shelf systems, and are more than happy to delve in to someone else’s code even if it was written as a one-off.

Over the years we have dealt with the main systems such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and OpenCart, as well as some custom systems that have been coded so badly they deserved an award!

Clients also worry about the website’s hosting, and whether we can move it elsewhere, and once again, this is not usually an issue. We can move the website, domain names and emails to either our own servers, or a third party.

Being honest, these projects can sometimes be tricky and we never know what to expect, but that is something that we worry about, not our clients.

So in answer to the original question, “are you tied in to your web designer?”, then the good news is that the answer in most cases is that you’re probably not.

If your website isn’t as effective as you’d like, if you’d like more people to see it, more people to make enquiries or buy items, or if you just want to work with a company that gets things done, then please do not hesitate in contacting Webbed Feet UK.

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