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Don’t get eaten by the covid bear!

There were two men in the forest having a picnic and suddenly a bear jumped out. One man starts trying to hide, and the second puts on his boots and starts running away.

The man who was trying to hide said “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!”

The other man said “I don’t need to; I only need to outrun you”.

With the current COVID-19 bear roaming the world, unfortunately a lot of small businesses are going to get eaten. However, many will run far enough away from the bear that they come out tired, but alive.

Now more than ever we should be building contacts (albeit from a distance), helping other businesses survive, looking after our staff and colleagues, pushing our marketing harder and, most of all, adapting to a very different market.

Of course, people will look after themselves, in both their personal and business lives, but at a time like this we should be helping others.

If anyone wants any advice on any service that we offer, wants a friendly chat, or anything else, just let us know.

We’d like to wish everyone the best and say that we’re here if you need us. Stay safe

Webbed Feet – fighting off the bears since 2001!

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