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Website templates and themes

Published on Wednesday, July 16th 2014 by Aaron Whiffin

Why your business deserves a unique website

We design bespoke websites, each of our sites starts from a blank screen from that we carefully construct a site to match our clients branding and to ensure that the unique calls to action critical to their business are clear and easy to use. The site structure and navigation is built around the content they have (and expect to have in the future). Our dedication to our clients goes beyond just designing a great website, we will create it to meet your business goals, expanding your business.

The downside to this is that our sites will take longer to create. Recently projects like WordPress and Joomla have spawned countless websites offering generic themes and templates, some web designers have taken advantage of this by purchasing themes, often for as little as $20 and selling them on to their clients.

Admittedly this is a quick and easy way of getting a website online, and in many instances the websites may be adequate, but this is not always the case, and they are often not cost effective in the long run. However the disadvantage is that your brand is shoehorned into a template, the layout and structure constrain your content. And perhaps worst of all you end up with a site that is identical to many other businesses, some popular themes feature on more than 30,000 sites (for example the WordPress theme

To see why, let’s consider an example: If I phoned a business advisor, and said “I’m a web designer in Salisbury, how can increase my turnover and profit?” I would expect them to meet me, discuss my business in fine detail, ask lots of questions, and produce a report written specifically for my business. If I was emailed a generic document (or even a specific document from a pre-written collection) with their logo placed at the top it would be obvious, and I wouldn’t trust that the advice was necessarily fit for purpose.

In this example, a generic report may cost far less than bespoke expert business advice, but even if it cost £100, it probably wouldn’t be worth the money, and I certainly wouldn’t gamble the success of my business on it.

Why should websites be any different? They are often the first and possibly only thing that your customers will see. If the website isn’t working, you will lose customers. By using a generic website you are potentially gambling with your business.

For some businesses this may not matter, but for anybody wanting their website to really deliver, more time and effort should be invested.

So what should happen? We believe that all web designers should use the same process that we do: They should meet their clients; discuss their business, customers and what they require from their website in detail. Their sector should then be researched, and a bespoke website design made from scratch to fit the client’s needs. All aspects of the website should be tailored to the individual client and their customers, from the design, to the underlying management system, to the content, to the online marketing.

Websites shouldn’t be shoehorned into a theme or template, but should be as unique as the business that they are advertising.

If you would like a bespoke website designed, then please speak to Webbed Feet UK


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