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When a CMS (Content Management System) website is right for you

There are a number of things to consider when you require a new website and any reputable web developer should be able to talk you through the various options, specifying which are best suited to you based on your individual needs. One such consideration is whether or not your website should have a Content Management System (CMS).

As you’ve probably figured out from the name, a Content Management System is a system which allows you to manage the content on your website. But, what does this mean in practice?

A rudimentary example of a CMS website would be one in which you can login to a secure area of the website and edit the text and images on the main web pages yourself. Many people like the flexibility this offers - being able to update the text on their website whenever they like without having to wait for, or pay, their web designer for the change.

Where we differ from many web agencies however, is our experience, knowledge and expertise when it comes to bespoke web development, including bespoke CMS. For the past decade we have built countless custom web solutions specifically designed for a client’s individual needs, whether it be a system for a classic car dealer in Hampshire to list his prestige cars for sale, or a global tour company web site which can take online bookings.

While we know there are other high quality web developers out there, you’d be surprised at how many cannot offer bespoke CMS solutions to their clients and instead have to rely on third party platforms for their CMS projects, such as Wordpress, and the inflexibility and security vulnerabilities that come along with them.

CMS website development for BS&I in Andover

A recent example of a custom built CMS website is Barker Son & Isherwood, a solicitor’s firm based in Andover. Although based in Salisbury, we are also leading web designers in Andover, and were approached to re-develop their site from the ground up, replacing their previous website which was quickly becoming out-dated.

Powered by our in-house CMS system, the website now has over 50 pages of content, each well-written for users and ideal for successful ranking in search engines. BS&I have full control over the content on their pages, including pages and sections detailing each of the firms solicitors and their expertise, news items so they can keep users up-to-date with useful articles and events, as well as a downloads section so important documents can be attached to the pages of the site, available for download.

Not only is the BS&I backend system perfectly suited to our client, the front end is perfectly tailored to theirs – with a beautiful, modern design, easy to use navigation, and a responsive design which adapts to the users screen, whether it be a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

So, do you need a CMS website?

Although more and more websites are becoming CMS, not every business or individual will want or require the ability to update their content.  With us, it is relatively inexpensive to develop a site using our CMS system opposed a “static” site, but if it is clear you will not benefit from a CMS setup we will say so and clearly layout the options and costings down for you.

That said, like BS&I, businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the need to have a powerful online presence, and having the ability to craft your own content and keep it up-to-date for potential clients and customers is paramount.

If you’d like to discuss your website and if it may benefit from a CMS system, or if you have any other web queries, please feel free to get in touch.

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