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The primary objective of the web development project was to revolutionise the customer booking system for Carrickcraft, a renowned cruise boat hire company. The aim was to create a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly booking system, designed to increase conversions.

Another fundamental aspect was ensuring that the system was bilingual, capable of operating in both English and German. The booking system was required to take payments through Opayo and communicate effectively with Carrickcraft's internal system, facilitating robust data import and export functionalities.


With the strategic use of the Laravel framework, a robust front-end and back-end was developed. This high-level web development solution was designed to streamline the booking process significantly, making it easier for customers to make purchases.

The system accepts payments in the form of deposits, thereby securing customer bookings. It was designed with an automated email system to remind and enable customers to complete their balancing payment before their trip, ensuring seamless financial transactions.

The newly developed customer payments through Opayo was integrated with Opayo ensuring a reliable and secure payment gateway for Carrickcraft's customers.

One of the most technically challenging aspects of the project was enabling the booking system to interact with Carrickcraft's internal system. We developed a solution that allowed for efficient import and export of data. This capability ensured a comprehensive and smooth exchange of information, making their administration processes much more efficient.

The booking system was also made bilingual, available in both English and German. Users can switch between languages and currencies on the fly, and the system can easily be expanded to new languages in the future.

We were responsible for the web design of the front-end making the user journey a simple and seamless experience.


The newly developed customer booking system has significantly streamlined the booking process for Carrickcraft, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience for their customers. By reducing drop-outs and boosting upselling of extras, the new system has resulted in an improved return on investment for Carrickcraft.

The bilingual interface has made the booking system more accessible to a wider audience. The efficient data import and export between the booking system and Carrickcraft's internal system has ensured seamless operations, contributing to the overall success of the project.

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