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Giant Storage

Giant Storage

Giant Storage is a family-owned storage company with several sites across South-West England. They came to us after their previous web design agency had finished building their brand new website but couldn't handle their marketing due to a conflict of interest. Consequently, Giant Storage sought our expertise in digital marketing, specifically in PPC advertising (Google Ads).


While the website looked great and worked well, it didn’t have much content, which limited how effective it could be for PPC advertising. (There’s no point in paying to bring users to a website that doesn't have anything to say to them or give them a reason to stay.) So, before we started to set up a Google Ads campaign or any form of advertising, our first task was to add enough useful and informative content to the site to influence the targeted customers’ purchase decisions.


First, we developed individual service pages for each of Giant Storage’s storage locations. These pages serve as the initial point of contact for users directed from ads. The separate location pages facilitate geographic targeting and contain all the essential information for that specific location. Additionally, these service pages were optimised for SEO, ensuring that not only paid traffic but also organic search users can discover Giant Storage’s facilities when searching for local storage options.

Key Considerations

  1. Content Development: We expanded the website by adding comprehensive service location pages for each of Giant Storage's locations. These pages were designed to act as one-stop shops, providing all the necessary information—from introductory details about the business and services to features and booking instructions—to convert a new visitor on their first visit.
  2. SEO and PPC Optimisation: We optimised each new page to serve dual functions: enhancing search engine visibility to attract organic traffic and acting as an effective landing page for PPC campaigns. This approach aimed to maximise visibility and drive targeted traffic efficiently.
  3. Design Integration: In creating new content, we carefully maintained the existing visual and content style of the website to ensure seamless integration. This approach helped preserve the continuity of the user experience and maintained the brand’s aesthetic consistency.
  4. Use of the PAS Formula: We applied the Problem-Agitation-Solution (PAS) formula to develop the content for the new location pages. This approach is particularly effective for landing pages as it directly addresses the visitor's initial problem, intensifies the issue (agitation), and then positions Giant Storage as the solution. Considering that customers often compare multiple storage facilities before making a decision, they tend to visit various sites and delay their choices. Consequently, there are fewer conversions on the first visit. The content developed using the PAS formula does not only aim for immediate conversions but also effectively places Giant Storage within the user's consideration set, even if they don't convert straight away.


By enhancing the website with strategically designed service location pages, Giant Storage can now efficiently utilise both paid and organic traffic. The comprehensive information on each page ensures that new users have everything they need to make a decision without having to navigate away, thereby improving conversion rates. This enhancement not only broadens their online presence but also positions them more favourably in local search results, making their site a more effective tool for their overall marketing strategy.