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Giant Transport

Removals Website for Giant Transport

Giant Transport

The Objective

Create a custom WordPress theme for Giant Transport’s specialist removals website, improving SEO, enhancing user experience, and organising service areas effectively. The site should be easily expandable, feature a versatile contact form, and present a high-end, engaging design.

The Solution


To achieve the outlined objectives, we crafted a bold and modern web design for the new theme. This design incorporates animated elements and a vivid red and blue colour scheme that reflects the brand's identity. From the start, the design was SEO-focused, embedding best practices to ensure high search engine visibility.

User Experience

The redesigned website offers an enhanced user journey, featuring content blocks arranged in an engaging and simplified layout. The variety of content presentations keeps users engaged and simplifies the navigation process, helping them find the necessary information more efficiently. The addition of dynamic, animated elements and a bold colour scheme enhances the site’s visual appeal, making it modern and attractive.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

The site was developed from the ground up using a custom WordPress theme, tailored specifically to meet Giant Transport’s needs. This custom approach provides multiple advantages. Performance is enhanced as the custom theme minimises the need for numerous plugins, reducing loading times and boosting overall site performance. Security is improved with fewer plugins, thereby reducing security risks. Customisation is extensive, ensuring that every aspect of the website aligns with Giant Transport’s specific requirements. Additionally, the theme was engineered with SEO in mind, featuring clean code and optimised structures to bolster search engine rankings.

Additional Features

The website includes a comprehensive "Areas We Cover" page, which lists all service areas to improve SEO and provide users with complete information about where Giant Transport operates. The contact page features a versatile form that offers options for “Quick Contact" or “Full Quote," streamlining the communication process for users seeking quick inquiries or detailed quotes. Additionally, by incorporating customer reviews across the website, trust is built and the quality of services offered by Giant Transport is highlighted.


The final product is a transport and removals website that not only looks exceptional but also excels in performance. The bespoke WordPress theme ensures that Giant Transport’s website is quick, secure, and scalable, laying a robust foundation for future expansion and SEO success.