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Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your organic visibility

It is important to have a well-designed website; however, if no one can find it, you will never get the most from it.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of modifying a website and promoting it online so that it ranks at the top of search engines, and more importantly, stays there.

What we offer

Webbed Feet offer high-end search engine optimisation from our Wiltshire-based office. Our team focuses on ‘white-hat’ SEO techniques that do not infringe on the search engines’ terms and conditions. This results in our changes staying effective even as the complex algorithms change, and critically it helps ensure that your website will not get penalised or removed.

How we do it

As each market is completely different, the techniques that we use will vary to ensure that you stay one step ahead of your competitors. That is why we offer a bespoke search engine optimisation service adapted to your website and your competition.

Our search engine optimisation work is a combination of editing the website itself (onsite SEO) and building its trust amongst other websites by creating legitimate inbound links (offsite SEO).

How we exactly do it (The steps of SEO)


"I have worked with Aaron and Webbed Feet since 2003 taking our site from a 'garage' business to the top brand Classic Car Classified site with over 5,000,000 page impressions a month"
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If you would like a search engine optimisation audit of your website, please get in touch with our SEO team.

Be found with our search engine optimisation.