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Magento Developers

The online commerce giants

Webbed Feet are professionals in Magento development from design to development and security to sales, making sure all aspects of your Magento online store are built to the highest of standards.

Being experts in PHP, we know more than just how to install and setup a theme, we can design & build a bespoke look, develop any custom requirements you may need on your Magento store and make sure your store is safe and secure.

Magento is quickly becoming one of the most popular eCommerce platforms because of its flexability and scalability.


As a web design agency, we can provide in house design work so we can create a bespoke design just for your Magento store. We can create the perfect look for your online store to help you fully engage with your customers.


Although Magento boasts a huge amount of features out of the box, sometimes you may require something bespoke for your store. Because of the flexability of Magento, our web development team can easily come up with solutions to any requirement you might need of your Magento store.

Because of Magento's scale, it can often be slow when incorecctly setup or not on the right hosting solution, so we always make sure your website is the fastest and most efficient it can be.


The ultimate goal of any store; we make sure the design and usablity of your website means you don't miss any potential sales from people struggling to use your store or getting lost. We also offer search engine optimisation and online marketing to help you get the most out of your online store.


We take security very seriously at Webbed Feet, especially when it comes to online commerce. Keeping our clients stores safe online is one of our top priorites so you can be rest assured that your store is safe.

We create professional, reliable and secure Magento eCommerce stores with the client always in mind.