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Automatic Xero Backup

We use Xero, cloud-based accountancy software, and are very happy with it.

However, Xero do not provide a single export facility meaning that in the unlikely event that Xero were to cease trading or had a major catastrophe, there would be no easy way of retrieving our accounts.

This means that we could be in deep trouble with the HMRC, and would have no record of which invoices had been sent or paid.

Luckily we have found a 3rd party offering backups of Xero, KashFlow, SageOne, FreeAgent and Receipt Bank from just £2 a month.

They automatically extract, package and email all of the data every week or month.

If anyone uses any of the cloud-based accountancy packages, we’d suggest using this service for peace of mind.

Please note that we do not get a commission from SafeGuardMy, we simply want to spread the word and help everybody.

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