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GDPR explained in eight simple words

Published on Thursday, March 1st 2018 by Aaron Whiffin

The two things people won’t stop talking about today is the snow, and GDPR. They are both simple concepts, but both seems to be causing drama and disruption.

So what is it? Well, a friend called Jamie, who owns another web design agency, summarised it very well over breakfast the other day:

“Don’t be a d**k with other people’s data”

There is more to it than that of course, ambiguous policies, guidelines that contradict themselves and loosely defined terms, but in essence that’s what it’s about and it is, in principle at least, a good idea.

The idea is that you, as an individual can sign up to something or give your details to a company and know exactly what they’ll do with it, that you won’t receive unsolicited communications, and that you can ask them to delete it from their systems.

So what do you need to do? Well, you would probably be best to speak to a solicitor about your internal polices, and an IT company about your computer systems, and a web development agency, like ourselves, for the website aspect.

If your website collects, stores, or process any form of personal data (including email addresses) then this does affect you. And as your website is public facing it’s pretty easy for any watching eyes to see if you’re doing the basics.

We’ve made several websites GDPR compliant to date, and performed full website security audits and penetration tests (along with the associated work to fix any issues) for others; security and data protection go hand in hand.

If you want to have a look at your website then let us know.

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