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How easy is it to change web developers?

How easy is it to change web developers?

It’s never been easier, as long as you choose a company like Webbed Feet who have decades of experience taking over websites from clients who are unhappy with their current web developers.

If you don’t have the budget, or need, for a complete redesign then your best option is to improve the website you have. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay with your current web designer if they aren’t performing to the standard you expect.

What do I need to do?

In most cases you’ll either need to give us login details or introduce us to your current web developer. We’ll take it from there, we’ll handle all the technical details for you.

Feel like your web developer doesn’t have time for you?

We’re a small and focussed team. You’ll speak directly to the person working on your website. There’s no outsourcing, no call centres and no middle men to complicate things.

Our approach is to understand what you need, and find a solution that will give you the best returns for your budget. We have clients large and small, and we care about our relationship with every single client.

Sick of waiting weeks to have a change made to your website?

We will always make time for urgent issues with your website, and for scheduled work we usually have a short lead time. If you feel like you are fighting your web developer every time you want to make an update then it’s time for a change.

Is your website waiting to get hacked?

If you website hasn’t been updated for a while, even if a single plugin is out of date then it’s only a matter of time until you get hacked. Hackers start exploiting bugs in old code as soon as they’re discovered. You need a fast, responsive support package to keep your site secure.

Feel like you’re wasting your money every month?

Many web developers are happy to take your money every month whether they have done anything or not to your website. If we only spend a few minutes updating your site each month, you only pay for a few minutes. You can save that money, or use it to make specific improvements to your website.

Love your website, but hate how it performs?

You could have the best website in the world, but if you aren’t pulling in the visitors it will do nothing for you.

Our team covers every aspect of digital marketing and search engine optimisation. We can choose the best method for your specific business to get visitors, no generic waffle – specific advice tailored to your business and your customers.

Maybe there are other issues with your website such as slow loading times, difficult navigation, dead ends or bugs on some browsers. We can review your website and make specific suggestions and then implement it for you.

Is your website custom coded or on an obscure system?

It doesn’t matter to us, we can take on pretty much any existing website and help you to improve it. Our team’s knowledge covers all the main CMSs and programming languages as well as setting up the underlying servers. We aren’t tied to one system, we’ll always use the best system for your specific needs.

Ready for a fresh start?

Sometimes you just need to cut your losses and start from scratch. If your current website is past it then we can help you with a full redesign. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your new website looks and works as you want, and that it’ll perform for you.

If you want an easier life, you want to call Webbed Feet

Whatever issues you have with your current website or web designer we can take over and correct things. Each of our clients are unique, we will tailor our advice and support to your needs and budget. Our team covers all areas of online business, whatever you need we’ll be able to provide it using plain English.

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