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Site launch: My Gift Clues, Making Christmas easier makes gift giving fun and hassle free. It aims to take the stress out of buying and receiving gifts that you’re not so keen on. The new website allows you to create lists of items, and less specific clues to guide people’s gift buying.

It’s incredibly easy, and free, to set up your own gift list and to share it with your friends. You can add items from any website or even just add your favourite colours or brands – your family will know not to buy that lime green set of corduroys they had earmarked for you this Christmas, so you can breathe easy! You can sign up here:

Webbed Feet UK have been involved with this website build from the start, guiding the available features and design of the site, and have created the website from the ground up. We’re pleased with how the site has a friendly and welcoming look and tone to match the brand guides.

The site uses the latest technologies to create a simple to use and intuitive website which overlays a feature rich interface. The site is easy to use by people of all skills, and across all kinds of devices – computers, mobiles and tablets.

WebbedFeet UK specialise in creating large, custom websites such as this that require integration with other web services (via APIs). An off-the-shelf website package wouldn’t suffice for a build such as this, and this is where our expertise comes in.

If you require a website designer for a large custom build, then please get in touch.

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