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Is Salisbury in a recession?

In order to promote Webbed Feet UK as leading website designers in Salisbury, and the surrounding area, I partake in a lot of business networking. During this networking I have spoken to hundreds of local business owners and the typical question of “are you busy?” is often asked.

There is no doubt that business is tough for most, I know that many are struggling, and we can’t hide the fact that some have ceased trading.

However, it is not all doom and gloom; we have clients that are investing in new ventures and some that are thriving. The question is what are they doing to achieve this?

From what I can see it is one of three things…

Firstly their industry and niche; certain sectors are going to be recession-resistant to some degree as they supply essential goods or services and so cannot be cut. But of course this isn’t applicable to many of us.

Secondly, those who stand out from their competitors: In times like this marketing is key, and the cutting a marketing budget is often the start of a downwards path. If there is less work available it is certainly a good idea to try and win as much of it as possible. As web developers we offer various online marketing strategies and strongly believe that now is a time to action these, whether it be email marketing, social media, SEO or sponsored adverts, they could all win new clients.

As with Darwin’s theory of evolution, the species that survives isn’t the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change… This can easily be applied to most sectors, especially those saturated with competition. Maybe it’s time to adjust your niche, pricing or services to match your clients’ needs.

Whatever the state of your business there is cause for concern, it’s important not to get complacent, and to ensure that the foundations are in place to keep your business growing in the next few years.

Obviously everybody needs to watch their pennies, but it is imperative that we do not stop spending all together. We need to prioritise what will generate the best return, and take action to ensure this is set in place before it’s too late.

Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand…


Of course, if you need help with your website or any online marketing, please get in touch.

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