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Ten things to check when choosing a web designer

With so many web designers to choose from these days it’s important to be able to decide who you should use. Most people looking to (re)design their website have little or no experience in the subject and therefore need to trust their web designer.

It is very easy for a website designer to get carried away with technical-speak and bamboozle their clients.

Larger websites can cost thousands of pounds, and although they should give a return far greater than the initial investment, it is important that you know your money is being invested wisely.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions until you’re sure that they are right for you.

  1. How quickly did the web developer reply to your enquiry? If they’re not prompt at quoting for new business, the chances are they won’t be prompt when dealing with their existing clients.
  2. Are you comparing like for like? It’s OK making a decision based on price alone, but the cheapest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best value or the highest return. Creating a custom web site tailored for your business will always cost more than putting your logo into a generic template.
  3. Can you contact them? Try phoning them in office hours; if there is consistently no answer, then maybe you should question their after sales support. Can you speak directly to the people working on your site?
  4. Are they established? Visit their offices to see what their setup is like, ask how long they have been trading and what would happen if they were to cease trading.
  5. Do they have the skills to complete your project? Can they provide examples of similar or more technical websites that they have produced
  6. Do they have a good local reputation? Asking for references is common-place and can be beneficial, but a web designer would never provide an unhappy client as a reference. Doing your own research by asking around local businesses, Chambers of Commerce and their clients can give you an insight into their trustworthiness.
  7. Is their work bespoke? It is important that your website is designed around your requirements and not shoehorned into a generic template or an inappropriate system. Your website should be as unique as your requirements so that it is effective.
  8. Are they insured? Larger companies usually check that their web designers have public liability, employers’ liability, and professional indemnity insurance. This could be useful in the rare occasion that something doesn’t go to plan, and is a good indication of an established company.
  9. Do you like their portfolio? Look at the web designer’s own website, and a handful of those in their portfolio. They may not all be to your taste, but do you think their work reflects the branding and need of each client? Beware of designers whose portfolio work is too similar; they’re probably using the same code for each site.
  10. Are they telling you what you want to hear? Be sure that your web designers are not guaranteeing something that they can’t deliver. An honest web designer will let you know if your goals are not realistic, they’ll also make you aware of any issues you may face and how they can help you overcome them.


Of course this list is not exhaustive; it’s just a few points to consider.

Most importantly, do you like them? The job of a web designer isn’t to create a website, get paid and then to disappear. You should be forging a long term relationship with them in order to continually improve your website’s effectiveness. If you like them, then this will make the relationship run so much smoother.

You should use your own judgement, pick up the phone and talk to them.

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