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Webbed Feet UK, web developers in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Webbed Feet UK Launch New Responsive Website

Salisbury-based web developers Webbed Feet UK launched their new website last week.

The web design industry evolves continually, and as such Webbed Feet UK’s services have changed; the new website includes services such as mobile compatibility, smart phone apps and social media marketing.

Webbed Feet UK’s new website contains details of all of these services, as well as a portfolio, client list, details of their charity work and a web design blog.

The new website works on all devices, from desktop web browsers, down to tablets and mobile phones, each displaying things slightly differently due to the responsive website design.

Impressively, the website also works on older web browsers as far back as Internet Explorer 6, which was released in 2001 and uses different technology to newer browsers.

Aaron Whiffin from Webbed Feet UK says “We’re proud to release our new website, and happy that it demonstrates what we can do. The website will continue to evolve along with advancements in technology”.

You can view the Webbed Feet UK website at

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