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Are you easy to contact?

These days people are very fickle when viewing websites; they may look at a website for only a few seconds before deciding whether they want to make further enquiries. Then if they do decide to get in touch they want to do it in a way convenient to them.

What this means is that your contact details need to be very easy to find, not hidden away behind a small ‘contact’ button. Perhaps put these contact details at the top of every page, scattered within the pages at strategic points, or at the very minimum a clear contact button, but ideally all of the above.

Furthermore, you may prefer people to contact you via a contact form, but clients may prefer to phone, text, tweet, post or any other method. Let clients dictate how they get in touch by giving them all of the available options, because otherwise it could cost you an order. For example what if someone wants to email because they’re on a train, but you only have a phone number displayed… they are likely to take their custom elsewhere.

Finally ensure that all methods of contact are easy for the client to use. Make sure that your email links on your website are clickable, remove any email spam filters that require user authentication, make sure your phone numbers have somebody to answer, and make sure that you check and reply promptly.

Once a potential client has decided to contact you, they should be considered a very hot lead. At this stage you should bend over backwards to make their experience as efficient and hassle free as you can.

If you would like to discuss this, or any other aspect of website design and website UI (user interfaces) then please get in touch with Webbed Feet UK, Salisbury web designers.

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