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What does a really expensive website look like?

Published on Wednesday, January 6th 2016 by Aaron Whiffin

Website designers usually price websites on their size and complexity and so it may seem fairly obvious what’s expensive, but what about a single page website that would cost literally thousands of pounds?

What would such a website look like, and why would it cost so much?

Well it just so happens that we’ve built one …

>  This can be found at  <

Note: It should work on all modern devices (desktop, tablet, laptop and mobile) but to appreciate the special effects look at it on a larger screen.

This isn’t the most expensive or complicated website we’ve ever made, in fact it’s far from it, but due to the way it looks it took a lot of work to produce.

This website uses cutting-edge javascript to animate the website as the user scrolls down. Objects on a page aren’t just ‘there’; they move in to place, this even includes the top navigation buttons that change position when a user starts to read the website’s story.

Background images aren’t just static, they use parallax scrolling effects so that they appear on a different layer to the main web page.

We’ve also avoided parallel lines and added angles everywhere, this may seem easy, but raises serious issues when it comes to tiling background images.

All of these effects could be considered simple independently, but getting them to work alongside each other is the hard part, especially as the website needs to also be responsive so that it works on mobile devices.

There are websites with similar effects on the web, but only a tiny proportion have these effects and are also mobile-friendly.

We’re proud of this website; it’s innovative and different to most others, and is already receiving very positive reviews from industry experts. Well done to our front end developer Dan for his hard work.

If you would like a simple website, or something more elaborate such as The Travel Web Design Agency, then please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

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