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Unusual web service - why we are not a normal web agency

Yes, we can build websites, make them look pretty, and sort out the marketing so that they get traffic, but every web agency will say that… although we have won awards for ours.

We, however, offer services that most other agencies don’t.


Expert witness

If you’ve been left high and dry by a cowboy web agency, and want to know where you stand, we can assess everything, and advise on next steps.

Take overs

If you want to leave your current agency but are unsure if it’s possible, or what’s involved, we can take a look. Even if what you have is half built or broken, we can pick up the pieces.

Disaster recovery

Have you been hacked, or has something gone catastrophically wrong? It may not be the end of the line, and we may be able to fix things.


Is your website running painfully slow or crashing all the time? Does your current developer say that’s as good as it gets or it’s just the way it is? … well, let us be the judge of that.

Complex or legacy systems

If your website is large or complex and makes other agencies run away, or is on really old unsupported software, it may not be a write off, and there’s a good chance we can take over.


Does your website contain sensitive data, or do you want to take every precaution to stop it getting hacked? Then maybe we should take a look.


If you want to move a website from one host to another, or perhaps don’t know where to go, or even if you should, then we can help.


If you need your website to ‘talk’ to something else, or need data imported from a different system, then we’re the guys.


We are Webbed Feet, we don’t shy away from difficult jobs, in fact we love them.

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