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Ongoing Website Maintenance Contract

Keep your website effective and secure

As is the case with a physical premise, a website requires ongoing maintenance to ensure it doesn't become dated, continues to drive sales and remains secure against malicious third parties.

Our ongoing website maintenance contract provides you with the support needed throughout the lifetime of your website.

We can provide maintenance contracts for websites built by ourselves or websites built by third-parties. For example, if you had a website built by another designer using Wordpress we can ensure the Wordpress platform and all plugins remain up-to-date and secure so it doesn't get hacked, which it inevitably would without regular updates.

Our award winning team have a diverse set of skills and remain up-to-date with the latest web technologies. You can be rest assured that maintenance carried out incorporate the latest best practices and we will continue to advise on how you can leverage emerging technologies to further drive your online business forward.

Only pay for the maintenance you need

Unlike the retainer contracts provided by other web agencies that cost you regardless of the amount of work carried out, you only pay for the actual maintenance we undertake.

We offer our clients pre-purchased blocks of time that can be used for ongoing maintenance work. We then debit the time block as of when any work is undertaken, meaning you only ever pay for the actual amount of work done while having the comfort of knowing all work is pre-paid and will be promptly carried out.

We always want to deliver website maintenance in a way that is most helpful to you so please get in touch if you wish to discuss a maintenance contract that is best suited to your requirements.