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International Cat Care

Members website that connects with Salesforce CRM for a charity

International Cat Care


International Cat Care is a global organisation committed to enhancing the well-being of cats worldwide. They offer expert guidance and resources to cat owners, veterinarians, and welfare organisations, promoting responsible ownership and advocating for feline welfare.


The aim of the project was to work alongside the organisation through their digital transformation. The key aims were:

  • Create a members area to allow users to manage their accounts and sync this with their CRM.
  • Create a conference area where users can purchase tickets to and virtually attend their conferences
  • To improve organisation wide efficiency by integrating their CRM with the website and automating previously manual processes.


We built a new members area from the ground up using Laravel Nova/PHP. The system was tailored to their specific requirements and brings together the many different strands of their organisation into one place. The website syncs activity with their CRM, significantly reducing admin time. The website was built in a modular and scalable way that will allow new features to be seamlessly added over the website's lifetime.

New Members Area and User Management

We developed a dedicated members area where users can manage their accounts. The system allows different user roles, including clinics, nurses, and cat care specialists. Users can register, update their profiles, and manage their preferences within the members area. This was achieved using Vue.js and Laravel Nova for front-end and back-end development, respectively.

Membership Levels and Access Control

The system offers different membership levels, allowing users to choose the most suitable option. We implemented access control mechanisms to provide restricted access for supporters, granting them exclusive content or privileges.

Online and In-person Conferences

The system facilitates the organisation and management of conferences, both online and in-person. Users can browse upcoming conferences, purchase tickets, and register for attendance. We integrated a live streaming functionality to enable real-time participation in online conferences. Recordings of conferences are also made available for users to access at their convenience.

Course Purchase and Integration with External API

Users can browse and purchase courses within the system. We integrated an API that creates courses on the course provider's platform seamlessly. This integration allows users to access a wide range of educational resources and enhances the overall learning experience.

Integration with Salesforce

To streamline data management and enhance efficiency, the system was integrated with Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This integration ensures that all essential data, including user information, tickets, courses, and events, is synchronised with Salesforce. Purchases are stored as opportunities within Salesforce, enabling comprehensive tracking and analysis.

Advanced Payment System

The system incorporates a complex and versatile payment system that supports various discounts, referral purchases, and one-off transactions. This payment system was integrated using secure and reliable payment gateways, ensuring a seamless and secure payment experience for users.

Ticket Assignment and Certificate Generation

Users have the ability to purchase tickets on behalf of others and assign them to different users within the system. This feature enables easy ticket management and simplifies the process of organising group attendance. Additionally, the system generates personalised certificates for clinics, providing recognition and documentation of their participation.

UI Design and CMS

During the design phase, our team created intricate UI elements to ensure an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. The system utilised Statamic, a flexible and user-friendly content management system (CMS), for day-to-day content management and publication.


The implementation of a customised technical solution for iCatCare has successfully addressed their growing needs and provided a more efficient and scalable system. The new members area, user management features, membership levels, and access control mechanisms have enhanced user engagement and personalised experiences. The integration of online and in-person conference management, course purchasing, Salesforce integration, and advanced payment system has streamlined operations and improved data management.

In 2021 Webbed Feet took over the management of our 3 WordPress websites, throughout the tender process Alex and the team showed a strong understanding of our requirements and provided reassurance in their ability to support us. The transfer of the sites from our previous web team was smooth and simple. Over the following two years the team have provided an outstanding service, helping us with alterations and maintaining the site day to day with quick responses to any site issues technical or malicious that have arisen. As someone who has a limited background in websites Alex has always made it easy to understand the technical elements in the conversation and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Adam | ICC