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The Fulfilment People

Logistic Website for The Fulfilment People

The Fulfilment People

The Objective

The primary goal for The Fulfilment People was to create a new custom logistic website on WordPress that effectively represents their brand and services. This project included developing a new brand identity, designing a logo, and creating custom illustrations to highlight the ‘people’ element of the business. The human-centric approach sets The Fulfilment People apart in the logistics sector with their personalised and dedicated service.

The Solution


We began by designing a minimalist logo of a person juggling three boxes, capturing the essence of logistics and the human touch. This simple design ensures versatility across various applications. We used a vibrant colour palette which adds consistency to the brand identity.


Custom isometric illustrations were created to depict different aspects of the business operations. This modern visual style enhances the aesthetic appeal and helps communicate complex logistical processes clearly.


The website design aligns meticulously with the brand style, creating a cohesive and immersive experience. The user journey was improved with engaging and simplified content that conveys the company's mission and message. Showcasing customer feedback was essential to build trust and appeal to like-minded companies.


For website development, we created a custom WordPress theme coded from scratch. This approach enhances performance, security, and flexibility while minimising the use of plugins, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience (UX). The integration of HubSpot for client marketing enhances lead generation and customer relationship management. The blog section features a custom grid layout to increase engagement, drawing users into the content and encouraging deeper interaction. The customised blog search functionality makes finding relevant posts easier, enhancing the overall user experience.


The custom logistic website for The Fulfilment People effectively combines a strong brand identity with user-friendly design and robust functionality, showcasing their commitment to personalised and efficient logistics services.