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A success story from a happy client

This testimonial was posted yesterday on Facebook, so we'd thought we'd share it.


"Big up for

I approached Webbed Feet a couple of years ago and got them to build me a new website.

My old website was dull, had 56 drop down pages all about carpet cleaning (it's hard to make carpet cleaning sound interesting) and such. The enquiries part of the site was two full pages of questions and a real pain. As a result, I used to receive less than 10 enquiries per year from the website.

Aaron Whiffin from Webbed Feet explained to me that a more simple enquiries page would be the way ahead, the client would enter 'name, phone number and a query' alone. There should be a greater amount of enquiries as a result.

He got his team to match the website to the rest of my brand and asked me to provide the content.

Looking at my competitors; their websites were all o a muchness and all similar. They all talked in depth about carpet cleaning. I decided to be different and talk about myself instead. After all, people buy from people.

The result?

I now get in excess of 10 enquiries per week. I manage to convert a high percentage of them into sales. The website paid for itself in he first few months

The moral of the story?

Use a decent website developer. Use Webbed Feet."


Steve Armstrong-Watkins
Clean Living, Carpet, Rug, Leather & Upholstery Cleaning

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