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What do we want to build? An automatic multi-language website

Alongside regular website builds, recently we have been designing increasing complex and bespoke systems.

With the recent rise of AI, we have an idea of something we’d love to build, so thought we’d try our chances, put it out there, and see if anyone wants to buy it. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

In short, it’s a multi-language website, with a twist.

We want to build a website, that will be properly be in multiple languages, but crucially the user only has to enter content in one language and we will use AI to automatically populate the others.

This would be far more cost effective of making a multi-lingual website in the long term as it will avoid the high costs of translations, and also means that a company can easily add further languages at little extra cost; the system won’t ‘care’ if there are 5 or 25 languages.

Furthermore, translations will be almost-instant, meaning that rather than having just the core content pages translated, it could automatically populate blog articles and case studies.

From our tests, using ChatGPT to translate existing text provides far better results than traditional translation methods, and it seems to be accurate. We have translated text through various languages in series and back to English, and the results are good. Of course, translations could be overwritten, or have a footnote such as “translated from English”.

You wouldn’t need to specify a base-language, so it would be great for multinational companies where articles, for example, could be written in any of the chosen languages.

We can use AI to enhance things further, for example it will be able to help us produce a truly multi-lingual website, where the menu buttons change language, where URLs are written correctly, where titles are shortened to the correct length, and we could even go as far as automatically embedding keywords in the page for SEO.

The website could use different domains for languages (such as or have sub folders (such as and, with a bit of work, we could accommodate non-Latin languages such as Chinese and Arabic)

This is of course the ‘basics’, but as you can probably see, could revolutionise languages within websites.

We are capable of making this, and would truly love to integrate AI to a content management system in this way.

It won’t be cheap at the outset, but could provide great ROI over time for anyone with a true multi-national business.

If you’re interested in this, or anything else just as fun, please let us know!

We are Webbed Feet, we want to build something cool with AI.

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