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Dragons’ Den in Salisbury

Like millions of others, here at Webbed Feet UK we love the TV show Dragons’ Den, it amazes us the ingenious ideas that people come up with, as well as those that haven’t been thought through.

As website and mobile app developers in Salisbury we often get phone calls from people with new ideas, and we love discussing them as it makes us feel like Dragons here in Salisbury.

Some of these ideas are of course researched and planned in detail, and very few things give us more pleasure than telling a client that they’re probably on to a winner. Others however, haven’t been planned so well, and we’ll not hesitate in telling the client the reasons why we think their idea will not work. This is of course costs us the job, but we can sleep easy knowing that we’ve done the right thing and their finances are safe.

More often than not, their idea has potential but the client hasn’t considered everything and needs to refine things. This is usually down to cost of production, monetising the idea or marketing.

We are not investors, and are not experts in all areas of business, but we have a vast amount of experience in website development, mobile app development, eCommerce and online marketing, and can usually help clients arrive at an idea that can be profitable, or give them reasons why it cannot.

We will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement (and even have ones ready at our disposal), and give honest feedback free of charge.

So if you have an idea for a website or smart phone app then please get in touch on 01722 346400, and we’ll happily do what we can to help you succeed.

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