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Email newsletters are a great marketing tool

Sending regular emails to your contact database allows you to reach out to new clients as well as upsell products to your existing ones. They enable you to keep everyone up to date with your company and industry news, and gently remind them that you’re there. You can give out help and advice or promote special offers.

They are a very cost effective way of marketing, and it is easy to measure results. You can see trends on how many people have opened your newsletter or clicked through to your website, as well as finding more specific information such as which articles or links are most popular, and even seeing which users are opening your email and when.

With a list of just 500 emails, it would be typical to have 200 people read your email, and 40 people click through to your website.*

To put that in to perspective, if you sent an email to 500 people every week, that’s a monthly potential 800 people reading about your products and services, and 160 potential leads looking at your website for detailed information. You could see which articles individuals were reading, and therefore know how to market to them directly in the future.

This would cost just £12 a month.**

This is just with 500 subscribers, imagine how it scales up with 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000.

As our January (2014) special offer we will create your account, customise our template with your logo and colours, explain how the system works (it’s really simple), provide help and advice on creating your email lists and writing articles, and set you on the road to generating more business, all for just £99 + VAT.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us on, [email protected] , or 01722 346400.


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* based on the campaign statistics from our customers’ recent campaigns.
** based on a 500 subscribers and 2,500 emails a month. Campaign costs vary.

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