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Magento eCommerce: Four Pros & Cons

Magento eCommerce

The Magento eCommerce platform has been a forerunner in the eCommerce market for years, even with its free community edition it stills ekes out the competition with its powerful feature range. With over 240,00 merchants worldwide using Magento eCommerce, including Nike, Mothercare and Ford; Magento has its name out there.

That said, is Magento the right solution for you? We've put together four pros and cons that we've found while developing Magento stores.



Don't let the fact that the community edition is free let you think it's not one of the big players in the eCommerce market, or it doesn't have many features.


Magento has a huge range of features that just work out of the box, including configurable products, advanced pricing & shipping schemes, multiple storefront management and detailed order control. You can view the full list here.


Whether you make ten sales a day or ten thousand, Magento scales perfectly. The admin area allows you manage your orders with a easy to use interface and system.


Magento's vast range of features can be a little daunting at first, but the admin panel is easy and intuitive. With Magento's strong online support, even the least tech savvy users won't have a problem using their admin panel.



Depending on the size of your business, Magento's cost could be something to think about. The community version is free but for larger businesses you may need the Enterprise version, which costs around £9,000 a year for the license.


Good Magento developers can be hard to come by, however our team of developers have years of experience in developing eCommerce solutions and the Magento platform.


Because of Magento's scale, it does require good hosting to get the most out of its platform. Dedicated hosting is recommended for Magento shops instead of the usual shared hosting that is preferred by many websites as it can be slow and painful for users of your shop.


Even though the list of features is vast, if you do require something that the platform cannot do out of the box, it can be difficult to add additional features, which can quickly increase development costs.

Is it for me?

There are wide range of eCommerce platforms, all with their strengths depending on your specification. If budget is your main concern, then Shopify will be a strong choice or if you require custom features on your shop, then our own bespoke eCommerce platform may be a better option.

However if scale and features is what you need, Magento is a seriosuly strong eCommerce platform.

Are you are looking for an eCommerce solution? Whether a Magento website or another eCommerce solution contact Webbed Feet UK today.

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