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Pay as you go website maintenance

Over the past 16 years we’ve found that there are three things that web agencies do which annoy their customers:

  1. Sending them invoices that they don’t expect.
  2. Charging them a retainer when they appear not to be doing any work.
  3. Tying people in to long term contracts.

Personally, I hate these too, which is why when I set up Webbed Feet back in 2001 I decided to adopt a different approach. Essentially if we build a new website we like to charge a fixed one-off amount rather than an ongoing subscription.

These days however, many businesses require regular changes to their websites, want ongoing digital marketing and SEO, or need some form of support contract so ongoing costs are inevitable.

In order to combat this we’ve use a strategy that keeps everyone happy.

It works on both websites that we have made, and websites built by others.

We have set up a pay-as-you-go web maintenance system. Businesses are able to purchase blocks of time from us, typically in day or week sized chunks.

Customers can purchase these blocks regularly, or as a one-off, and they can be used on one website, or many. They can be used for maintenance and updates, website amendments, digital marketing, support, audits, pretty much for any of the services that we offer. We don’t specify a use for the time, just the amount bought and remaining.

We can provide customers with full breakdown of how time has been spent and what is remaining, and let them know when their credit is running low.

There are absolutely no tie-ins, and so work can be increased or decreased to suit budgets, and as clients pay up front there will be no unexpected bills.

It doesn’t matter how large the website is, or what system it’s built in, if you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

We are Webbed Feet, we like to be up front with our clients.

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