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Rank Number One In Google

Everybody wants to rank number one in Google, of course they do it’s a fantastic way of increasing traffic to your website, but how hard is it to do, and how much does it cost?

This all depends on your keywords and the competition for them. I was asked this week “how much will it cost to rank number one in Google for the keyword ‘jobs’?”, and the answer is a lot. This is very high traffic keyword, with lots of competition for big companies such as Job Site and Monster. These companies are on the first page and ranking higher than over 2 billion other websites, they have millions of pages, are linked to from all websites over the world, and they have teams of developers promoting them every day. So for our client who asked this question, although possible, it quite simply isn’t feasible for him to rank number one in Google for “jobs”.

We then asked him to reconsider his keywords, he is located in London, so ranking number one in Google for “jobs in London” would be a far better choice of keywords, and it has less competition. But even still that would be far beyond his budget, and still isn’t completely relevant to his business.

Unfortunately I’ll need to modify my case study here due to client confidentiality, but this example still makes the same point.

My client in fact lives in South London and wants to hire out his time to busy people by doing odd jobs around the house. For example, waiting in for a parcel to be delivered, assembling flat pack furniture, painting their fence, looking after their pets, or house sitting when they’re away.

So the keywords, “jobs” isn’t necessarily relevant; neither is “jobs in London”. Perhaps “odd jobs in South London” would be more suitable, and much easier to obtain.

In an ideal world, rather than focussing on “jobs” we would push to rank number one in Google for several long-tail keywords such as “house sitting in South London”, “dog walking in South London” and “handyman in South London”. We could even focus on more specific areas such as “dog walking in Brixton”. These keywords are far more manageable, relevant and cost effective.

In some cases of course the general short-tail keywords are what is required, and the Webbed Feet UK team can achieve this. One client who springs to mind wanted to rank number one in Google for many keywords including “buy MG” and “buy Austin Healey”, beating sites such as AutoTrader and eBay. It certainly didn’t happen overnight, but we did it, meaning that his website was a success and was eventually sold.

Part of our job as search engine optimisation (SEO) experts isn’t just ranking number one in Google for keywords, but it is determining which keywords are most cost effective to push, and advising this to our clients.

If you would like help with search engine optimisation (SEO), then please get in touch.

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