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Search Engine Optimisation - Expense or Investment?

So like most businesses you have a website, it generates leads from time to time but you consider it an expense. You frequently get emails from people saying “We offer search engine optimisation in Salisbury and can make your website number one in Google”, but of course this always involves money and your website has cost enough already.

Does this sound familiar?

What any reputable SEO (search engine optimisation) company should advise you is not to spend money on anything SEO will not give you a return on investment (ROI). This is of course true for all marketing, both online and offline.

What this means is that they should be able to advise on an SEO strategy that will, over time, produce more profit for your company than the strategy costs.

It seems obvious, but any search engine optimisation that you purchase should make you money in the long term, and therefore SEO should considered an investment and not an expense.

In a networking meeting the other day I heard another SEO specialist say “If we can’t make you money, then we don’t want you as a client”. This is a good attitude, and one that we adopt, not only for SEO, but also for all of our services including web design and online shops.

If you would like an honest appraisal of whether search engine optimisation, or any other form of online marketing can make you money, then please do not hesitate in contacting Webbed Feet UK in Salisbury.

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