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SEO Salisbury, and the three little pigs

This article will briefly touch on our (search engine optimisation) SEO in Salisbury, particularly the different methods of promoting websites within the search engines, the ones we use, and most importantly why.

Consider the the three little pigs, when they left home their mother told them to do things properly as this will give them the best chance in life …

There are two areas of SEO to cover, onsite, and offsite. Firstly onsite, this is the easiest to understand. We want this article to rank highly in Google for ‘SEO Salisbury’, therefore we have to explicitly use this phrase throughout the page. Using it naturally within the text and keeping the article readable is good and liked by the search engines. This is known as white-hat SEO. However some techniques such as repeating the same term too often isn’t, this is known as black-hat SEO, and can do more harm than good.

Secondly offsite SEO, this is the generation of legitimate inbound links from other websites. You can spend a lot of time searching around the internet and only generate a few decent links from high quality websites, which is good, and covered under white-hat SEO. Conversely you could pay a company a small amount of money to get you thousands of links from low quality websites. The latter, black-hat SEO, although it seems good value for money, can easily get you banned from search engines.

Back to the three little pigs, the first little pig quickly built his house out of straw, the second little pig took a bit longer and built his house out of sticks, but the third little pig went all out, and built his house from bricks. If the pigs were wearing hats, the first little pig would have a black hat, the second a grey hat, and the third a white hat. But they were all happy, they all had houses …

Black-hat techniques may seem like a good idea on the surface, they are a quick and dirty way of achieving what seems to be a lot within in very a short space of time. But the effects will be short-lived, and as search engines develop their algorithms your website could drop its rank, or in some cases could be banned and stopped being listed all together.

Along comes the big bad wolf who wanted to eat the little pigs, he huffed and puffed and blew the straw house down easily. He then huffed and puffed and eventually blew the stick house down. But no matter how much he huffed and puffed, he couldn’t blow the brick house down, because it had been built properly by the third little pig; the only little pig who wasn’t eaten.

At Webbed Feet UK we stick to white-hat techniques, we do things properly; we are the third little pig living happily in a brick house that has been built properly. As search engines (in this example the big bad wolf) adapt our SEO and websites are safe.

So if you’re after SEO in Salisbury, and you want to have a sustainable SEO solution, then please contact one of our team.

SEO Salisbury by Webbed Feet UK, defeating the big bad wolf since 2001.

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