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This web designer won’t be on Santa’s Christmas list!

Published on Tuesday, December 22nd 2015 by Aaron Whiffin

This month we gained a new client (through recommendation) who relies very heavily on her website for her marketing and recently enquiries have completely stopped.

She wasn’t happy with the level of service from her previous web designer, and had been paying around £500 a month for search engine optimisation; but recently she hasn’t been listed on Google at all!

With her previous web designer drawing a blank, the Webbed Feet UK team were asked to have a look.

What had happened is that the previous web designer had added a security plugin that prevents malicious computers from repeatedly looking at her website. A good idea in principal, but they forgot to exclude Google from this list, so Google had been blocked and so thought the website had gone.

A small mistake such as that meant that our client’s website was not listed in Google, and as such her sales enquiries reduced dramatically. In short a simple oversight by the web designer resulted in a severe shortage of work which unless fixed would ruin the business.

This isn’t the only example of this that we have, we wrote an article a while ago about a web designer deliberately sabotaging an ex-client’s website; it’s truly shocking. Unfortunately web designers do not need qualifications and do not have a governing body as such, so the only way to really find one that you can trust is by recommendations and referrals.

As it’s Christmas we always like to share good news, and in this instance we managed to find the issue with our client’s website in a couple of hours, have her website back on the first page of Google later that day and, after the weekend has passed, she's now at the top of Google... not bad progress for under 72 hours.

Now our client can start 2016 with the phone ringing!

We are Webbed Feet UK, we can tell you how to get on the first page of Google.

Update - Since writing this article we've had this 5* Google Review...

"I am the new client written about in the recent newsletter whose listing had disappeared from Google. It was killing my business. The service since I first contacted Aaron, on recommendation from a business colleague who had used them, has been first class. They acted really quickly and efficiently, advised on how best to approach my previous web people to get my logins and what I would require. Most importantly within a few days of them starting to work on my website I was not only visible on google again but on page 1 for some of my keywords. I can't recommend the team highly enough. Niamh Egan Gentle dental Salsibury"