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Why travel website design is different to regular website design

Holidays can cost a small fortune and so they are rarely an impulse buy. They are something that is researched in great detail, and it’s likely that every aspect of the holiday will be scrutinised before credit card details are handed over. It’s therefore imperative that the travel websites are not only appealing, but contain all of the information that potential clients will want so that they beat their competitors.

Travellers will be thinking about their holiday for many months in advance, for them it’s a break from reality, a dream vacation, and therefore travel website design needs to sell them their dream; it should have high quality imagery and needs to allow the user to imagine themselves lying on the beach, or racing down the piste. Unlike some other industries travel websites need to put far more emphasis on reassuring visitors that their holiday will be as relaxing and pain-free as possible; there is no scope for warranties or second tries.

Holidays are not a necessity, they are a luxury, and therefore users will need more encouragement to part with their hard-earned cash. The travel website’s design needs to carefully considered to persuade the user to buy at just the right moment; too soon and they may not have read enough to be keen, and too late and they may have already clicked the back button and moved to a competitor.

With so many competitors on the internet, and with travellers being able to flick between their websites in seconds, it’s imperative that visitors are converted in to customers as quickly as possible.

It’s also important that the travel website and its brand are memorable so that, if a user does look elsewhere they are more inclined to come back.

Every website we produce is bespoke and has its unique goals, problems and solutions. However travel websites often need that extra attention to detail to ensure that they appeal to their audience.

Clients shouldn’t aim for budget travel websites as although they give a web-presence, they’re unlikely to be effective and sell many holidays. Instead they should contact a professional travel website design agency to use their experience and expertise and take special care in ensuring that their website does what it’s supposed to, and generates a great return on investment.

Here at Webbed Feet UK we not only have vast experience with website design, but also have considerable experience of the travel industry as this has always been a passion for one of our directors Alex. We use his experience in every travel website design to persuade travellers to by their dream holiday from our clients.

We are travel website designers, we are Webbed Feet UK.

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